NOC resumes Sharara oil field’s production

The production of elSharara oil field returned to its normal capacity of 290,000 barrels per day, the National Oil Corporation announced Tuesday.

The production was resumed following the opening of a closed valve in the Hamada area on the pipeline connecting Sharara oilfield to the Zawiya terminal on Sunday evening.

“The valve had been closed by an unidentified group on Friday. Tests were conducted along the pipeline by NOC and Akakus Oil Operations technical teams to ensure all valves are now working,” the NOC statement said.

The NOC denounced the acts of Sabotage at oil facilities, stressing that the authorities are searching for the perpetrators.

The NOC suspended on Friday the production of 290,000 oil barrels per day at el-Sharara oil field, southern Libya, to investigate suspected closure of valves in the Hamada area, located in northwestern Libya and is part of the Ghadames Basin, which covers an area of 135,135 square miles across Libya, Tunisia and Algeria.


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