NOC declares forces majeure at el-Sharara oil field

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced on Wednesday a force majeure on el-Sharara oil field due to sabotage that led to the suspension of the field’s production.

“This decision was prompted by a new illegal Sharara pipeline valve closure halting crude oil supply from Sharara to the port [Zawiya port]. This is the second illegal valve closure and breach of pipeline security by unidentified perpetrators in the last ten days,” according to the statement of the NOC.

The statement said the NOC’s staff tried to reopen the closed valve, but a local armed groups prevented them.

“This latest incident only serves to highlight the fragility of our security environment and total disregard for the impact of such acts on the lives of everyday Libyans. The loss of production at Libya’s largest oilfield severely disrupts power supply to the grid and continued funding of basic services,” Chairman of the NOC Mostafa Sanalla said.

On July 19, the NOC suspended the production of 290,000 oil barrels per day at el-Sharara oil field, southern Libya, to investigate suspected closure of valves in the Hamada area, located in northwestern Libya and is part of the Ghadames Basin, which covers an area of 135,135 square miles across Libya, Tunisia and Algeria.

Last month, the Fezzan Anger Movement threatened to close el-Sharara and Feel oilfields in the southern region to pressure the government into meeting the area’s basic needs.

The movement demanded the government to provide cash, fuel, and job opportunities for youth, and to establish development projects and resolve the crisis of electricity.


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