Electricity “returns gradually” to Libya’s southern area

Libya’s General Electricity Company (GECOL) announced, Saturday that electricity is returning gradually to the southern areas in the country as several power stations have operated normally once again.

Libya’s Southern and Western zones have been witnessing a complete darkness during the past period as a result of power stations failures; however, the company managed to fix the errors, feed the stations with power and return them back to normal operation.

Libya has been witnessing a sever power problem since the beginning of Tripoli’s fighting in April. The authorities have been reporting that the battels between rival parties in the capital caused sevral damages to the power cables and stations.

Moreover, maintenance workers found it extremely difficult to do their work amid the clashes.

On Thursday, an armed group seized four new power pneumatic transformers were on board a truck heading from Garabulli to Gharyan city.

GECOL announced in a statement that the seizure took place during the passage of the truck in the city of Zawya, specifically under the bridge leading to Bir al-Ghanam town, western Libya.

Later, the authorities announced that Zawya Security bodies succeeded in finding the transformers again and preparing them to be transferred to Gharyan city.

Last week, Libyan youth closed the road between Ras Agadir and Abu Kammash, areas located in the southern region, protesting a 20-hour power cut.



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