Unemployment rate in Libya reaches 19 %

The unemployment rate in Libya has reached 19 percent according to the recent date revealed by the Libyan interim government’s ministry of Justice on Friday

In statements to al Ain website, Gassem Rahiem, an official at the ministry, said that the government is working hard to  provide job opportunities for young people and to conduct many training courses on the importance of creating jobs affiliated the private sector.

Unemployment is a major challenge for state institutions in Libya, notably the Libyan Ministry of Labor and Capacity Building, which aims at balancing the learning outcomes and the requirements of the labor market.

In an attempt to solve the problem, the ministry previously created a vocational training department to prepare youth for working in the private sector, especially as the public sector has over 1.8 million employees.

The private sector can be an important contributor to the growth of national economy especially that Libya aims to diversify its income resources instead of relying on oil revenues, which accounts for 98% of the country’s total public income.

The Libyan Ministry of Labor and Capacity Building is working with different partners to provide young Libyans with technical and life skills, particularly in potential growth sectors like renewable energies.


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