Investigations in MP Siham Sergiwa abduction still ongoing: Interior Min.

The investigations are still ongoing regarding the case of abducting Libyan Member of House of Representatives (HoR) Siham Sergiwa, according to Head of the Security Information Office at the Interior Ministry of the Libyan Interim Government, Tareq al-Kharraz.

In a Sunday statements to 218News Kharraz affirmed that Benghazi authorities are doing all needed efforts to reach all details regarding the MP abduction accident and to confirm that the MP is still alive.

He explained that there is many information missing regarding Sergiwa disappearance and that there are contradictions in the statements of the MP’s family and friends regarding the accident.

Sergiwa was abducted on 17 July and since then, her exact location was unknown.

And regarding the killing and abduction accidents that have been taking place in Benghazi repeatedly during the past period, Kharraz said that there are illegal groups does not wish the city to wittiness stability or security.

However, the Interior Ministry of Libyan Interim Government has a security plan of which will be imposed soon all over Benghazi to secure the city, according to Kharraz.

In a Saturday statements to 218NEWS, activist Abdullah Ghariani expressed his fears that his country might go back to “square one” if all of the killing and kidnapping accidents didn’t stop. He called Libya’s authorities in Banighazi to do all the needed efforts to arrest whoever involved in these crimes and bring them to justice.

Ghariani said that many Libyan activists and politicians’ bodies have been found dead in the streets and the sea, including activist Ahmed al-Kawafy. “All this reflects the threat of which our country is facing”, Ghariani adedd.

He demanded the Libyan National Army and the interim government to make quick steps and take all necessary procedures in order to end the chaotic situation.


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