Ahead of Eid al-Adha: Libyan ports receive large commodity shipments

Libya ports have been witnessing high activity in the past period as different merchant vessels were reported to arrive the country, loaded with different goods coming from European and Asian countries.

A large shipment of livestock has arrived at Tripoli Port last Thursday, carrying nearly 14.700 sheep.

Both of Freedom and Suha queen II livestock carriers came to Libya as part of the high activity witnessed in the local sheep market as Eid al-Adha approaches.

On the other hand, livestock traders complained of the high cost of livestock feed, which has to be imported using hard currency.

Whilst most Libyans prefer locally bred livestock, which are the most expensive, the Libyan state has arranged for the import of foreign-bred livestock being traded at lower prices.

Meanwhile, both of RCC EROPE and PLATINUM RAY carriers brought 6,800 cars imported from the Korean market to libya and this shipment is the first in August.

Also earlier on July, the port of Benghazi received more than 1,700 cars imported from the European market on board the cargo ship “Grand Silky”, in addition to more than 400 American cars on board the ship “Leon”, according to data announced by the management of the port.

During April and June, Benghazi port received 107 commercial vessels carrying 12,000 containers, according to a report released by the port administration two days ago.

The Libyan Ports Company in Benghazi revealed that Fiona ship carried 185 containers of general cargo, and the Italian Express ship loaded with 333 containers of general cargo arrived the country last month.

The Amal T ship carried 25,000 tons of wheat for the national mills from Bulgaria.

Last Friday was the first day of the Islamic lunar month of Dhu Al-Hijjah, meaning that Eid Al-Adha will fall on next Sunday.


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