GNA senior official found dead after 2-day abduction

Libya’s Justice Ministry in the Government of National Accord (GNA) Thursday announced the murder of one of its senior officials two days after being kidnapped in Tripoli.

Walid Abdulrahman al-Tarhouni, head of the ministry’s follow-up department, was found dead outside his house, according to the ministry’s statement on its Facebook’s official page.

“The Ministry of Justice mourns Walid al-Tarhouni was assassinated by a sinful group after he was kidnapped in the past days,” the ministry’s statement said.

Tarhouni was a prominent rights lawyer and was based in the city of al-Baydaa.

The ministry did not give further details about the incident, but local media said that signs of torture were found on the body of Tarhouni.

Abductions are common in Libya, which has been mired in chaos since the fall of dictator Muammar Qaddafi in the 2011 uprising, where two governments and several militias are vying for power.

In post-revolution Libya, gangs and militias kidnap people. The motives vary, from ransom, to revenge, to politics but the devastation and helplessness that the victims’ families experience is the same.


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