Italian military base, hospital in Misurata not affected by LNA’s strikes

The airstrikes of the Libyan National Army (LNA) on the Faculty of Civil Aviation of Misurata did not hit the Italian military base or hospital in Misurata, Italian Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta said Wednesday.

Elisabetta added that Italian soldiers are not targets to be attacked by any warring party in the conflict.

She further explained that the Italian military hospital is found in Misurata to provide services to Libyans.

The Italian Defence Minister concluded that the Libyan crisis cannot be solved militarily and peace and stability can be achieved only through a political solution.

In early July, LNA spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari announced that the eastern army began the main stage of the “Flood of Dignity” operation in Tripoli.

The escalation was extended to Misurata, a coastal city west of Tripoli, as it “is regarded the main base of the Western Libya forces loyal to the internationally-recognized government,” according to Reuters.

On early Tuesday, the LNA said it had carried out other airstrikes on the Faculty of Civil Aviation of Misurata.

Sources said the strike, which allegedly was carried out by a drone, destroyed a civilian plane that was landing at the Misurata Airport near the faculty.


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