New batches of military, air defense colleges graduate

Lt. Gen. Mohamed Al-Mahdi, chief of general staff of the Libyan army loyal to the internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), attended the graduation ceremony of new batches of Military and Air Defense colleges on Friday in Tripoli.

Mahdi honored the top ten college graduates with the first-class award of the Military College, the Medal of Duty.

The ceremony coincided with the 79th anniversary of the establishment of the Libyan army which falls on August 9. On this occasion, Mahdi delivered a speech commending the efforts of the army forces in protecting the capital and defending the GNA.

The graduation ceremony was also attended by military leaders, heads of departments, head of the military college, and head of the air defense college, as well as a number of officers and parents of the graduates.

Mahdi congratulated the graduating students who performed a military parade followed by the ceremony of handing over the flag to the new batch.


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