LNA arrests 27 members of Chadian opposition groups

The Libyan National Army (LNA) arrested nearly 27 armed men in Marzuq, southwestern Libya, involved with the Chadian opposition groups on Monday.

According to the LNA’s Military Information Division, the armed men were arrested as part of the LNA efforts to control chaos in the city.

It was added that all of the fighting with the armed groups took place away from the populated areas of the city.

On Saturday, a source told 218 News that the humanitarian situation in Marzuq is “catastrophic,” as the Chadian opposition groups have waged war in the city, killing, wounding and forcing dozens to flee their homes.

The source said some neighborhoods in Marzuq have been abandoned due to the shelling with mortars and heavy artillery on buildings.

The source added that Chadian gangs also looted and burned most of the houses in these neighborhoods.

To defend themselves, the residents closed all entrances of neighborhoods and started fighting the gangs despite the lack of the basic needs, the electricity cuts and water scarcity.


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