LNA’s air forces target terrorist groups in southwestern Targhan

The LNA also hit aircrafts of terrorists groups at an area in Marzuq’s outskirts.

Meanwhile, the eastern army’s land forces continue to seize remnants of terrorist groups and secure Marzuq.

In mid-January, General Commander Khalifa Haftar’s LNA launched a military operation in the southern region to expel terrorists and secure borders and oilfields before heading to the western region in April.

In late February, LNA spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari announced that armed groups had been “completely” eliminated from Marzuq town during the army’s military operations in the south.

However, Chadian opposition has allegedly committed in the past period crimes against humanity in Marzuq through killing, wounding and forcing dozens to flee their homes.

Further, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced in late July a force majeure on el-Sharara oil field due to sabotage that led to the suspension of the field’s production.


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