Al-Mahyoub: Libya’s National Army will prosecute ‘Al-Sarraj’

The Libyan Presidential Council (PC) is ‘a terrorist council,’ said the Head of National Defense and Security Committee of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) Talal Al-Mahyoub.

Al-Mahyoub explained to Russian news agency Sputnik that th PC is terrorist as it backs up Chadian terrorist gangs that are attacking Murzuq residents and their houses.

“The Government of National Accord (GNA) is funding Chadian gangs through the commander of the western military zone Major General Osama Juwaili.” Al-Mahyoub told Sputnik.

He indicated that the money used to fund those Chadian terrorist gangs is brought by the GNA from the Tripoli-based Central Bank’s account of Libya’s oil revenue.

“The Libyan National Army (LNA) is tackling the issue of mercenaries in southern Libya with professionalism. The LNA will respond with decisive action and will later bring Fayez Al-Sarraj to justice to stand trial for his crimes as he funded the terrorists coming from abroad.” Al-Mahyoub further added.

In the meantime, the member of Murzuq municipality Atiqa Bashir confirmed that the town was seeing ‘catastrophic’ conditions after Chadian rebels backed by Libyan Tubu tribesmen entered it, hence; causing a dramatic wave of displacement among residents.

The municipal member told Live Program on 218 News TV on Sunday that ‘Al-Ahali’ left their houses to a nearby town – Wadi Utbah – saying many of them were still at the Wadi Utbah checkpoint not knowing where to go next.

Bashir remarked that the attacking forces were holding logos of the South Protection Force that is loyal to the Presidential Council of the GNA, reaffirming that their aim was retaliation from the Arab tribes inside Murzuq and a demographic change that has started to surface after 2011.


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