Libyan dinar gains better value agaisnt foreign currencies at black market

Foreign currencies dropped in exchange for Libyan Dinar at the black market in Tripoli and Zliten on Tuesday.

The US dollar has dropped to register at 16.00 about 4.08 dinars per one dollar, while the one euro registered 4.53 dinars.

The same sliding rates were present for gold rates as the one gram of the 18 karats gold was sold at Musheer Market in Tripoli Tuesday afternoon by 145 dinars – one dinar down.

This comes as the commercial banks in Libya has started allowing withdrawals of the families’ $500 grant for each member.

Likewise, money transfers from Libyan dinar to Turkish lira from Tripoli dropped four qursh so it registered 71 qursh per one dinar, while the Egyptian pound dropped by one qursh as it was sold on the border between Libya and Egypt for 24 qursh. The Tunisian dinar dropped by two qursh as it was sold at the black market for 1.42 dinar.


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