Al-Mahjoub: LNA forces could enter Gharyan any moment

The Head of Moral Motivation Khalid Al-Mahjoub said the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces don’t target civilian airliners nor do they have any interest in having the air traffic shut down.

Al-Mahjoub told Al-Ain newspaper that the LNA is targeting Turkish drones as they pose threats to the lives of civilians, adding that the Libyan Air Force has targeted the takeoff location of the Turkish drones at Zuwara Airport.

“The visit of the UNSMIL to Zuwara Airport came days after the airstrikes, which allowed the Government of National Accord’s forces to remove the aftermath of the strikes in order to conceal the fact that the airport was being used for military purposes.” He explained.

Al-Mahjoub indicated that the LNA forces will enter Gharyan any time as the decision of the liberation of the city has been made, adding that military operations on different frontlines in Tripoli are tied to a well-studied plan.


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