Turkey announces sending new military backup to Libya’s GNA

Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency has reported the arrival of new military backup from Ankara to the Government of National Accord (GNA) in a clear violation of the United Nations arms embargo on Libya.

This isn’t the first time arms are are sent to the GNA but the remarkably new thing is the fact that the Turkish Anadolu Agency – state-run news agency – has announced it to the public.

Turkey’s intervention in the ongoing conflict in Libya has been clear in providing the GNA with drones, weapons and ammunition in broad daylight in violation of the UN arms embargo on the country as the international community remains silent.

The two ‘death ships’ that have been halted heading to Libya have passed through without accountability. Those ships might have been preceded or followed by similar ones carrying cargoes to the GNA forces in order to fuel the fighting, but no information has been obtained about them yet.

The damaging airstrikes on the Turkish military bases used for their drones in different Libyan airports made Turkey admit its backup for GNA and its role in the current conflict in Libya as the international community continues to sit idly by.

Meanwhile, the Israeli newspaper ‘The Jerusalem Post’ revealed that the Libyan National Army had shot down two Israeli Orbiter-3 aircraft last July.

The newspaper said the two Israeli aircraft were out of three ones sent by Turkey to the GNA, questioning how those tactical warplanes arrived in Libya.


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