Al-Sadiq Al-Ghiryani: Libyan Mufti who tunred into political analyst

Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Ghiryani appears again on his weekly TV program and targets with his speech the UNSMIL and foreign ambassadors in Libya, accusing them of spying and urging Libyans not to sit down with them in what seems to be that Al-Ghiryani has turned from a Mufti to a political analyst and a professor of international law.

Al-Ghiryani is moving from a religious cleric to a political expert as, the dismissed Mufti’s books and fatwas have become forgotten and his program that is supposed to talk about Sharia laws has turned to analysis of political issues and international laws.

He used most of the program’s time to talk about the UNSMIL and foreign ambassadors, warning his revolutionaries and loyalists against them as ‘they are spying on the government’ and that their meetings with Libyan individuals are against the law.

Following closely Al-Ghiryani’s program, we can see that he has switched from being a Mufti to a political analyst and a professor of international law, yet; answering all questions about Zakat, Prayer, Fasting and other religious practices, knowing that his staunch followers are out there waiting for his words to be materialized.

Al-Ghiryani also talked about reconciliation in Murzuq, urging the town’s residents to dialogue with the attacking forces and end the conflict, without bothering to denounce the crimes they carried out in Murzuq, which is now void of its native residents.

The political analyst, Al-Ghiryani, has left behind all the religious matters he has been tasked with delivering advice on in order to say it’s ‘haram’ to sit down and have dialogue with foreigners except for the Chadian rebels in southern Libya since they are receiving orders from him and following his own instructions.


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