Surprising UNSMIL security decision sparks fear among Libyans

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has frozen its private sector security contacts and cancelled the offer it put for bidding in last January for the security personnel of possible UN offices in Benghazi, which seem unlikely to open at this time.

This development came after the the attack that targeted UNSMIL staffers in early August, killing a number of its employees and showed how concerned the UNSMIL is about security status in Libya.

Fragile and ever-changing security conditions in Libya have made the UNSMIL cancel its contracts for securing its upcoming projects in Libya, which raises the question: ‘Will Libya become one of the profitable countries for security firms that are often accused of of creating chaos in areas of conflict? The firms that often target high ranking personnel and diplomatic missions in conflict countries in order to guarantee their presence by supporting instability.”

However, would Libya’s security apparatuses be able to prevail stability in the country and make the aims of such security firms impossible?

UNSMIL is looking for securing its staffers, which is one of its rights, but the Libyan citizens who are also looking for security won’t be able to enlist the help of foreign firms to keep him and his family as well as properties safe and sound.

Therefore, the citizens’ fate would remain tied to the hit-and-run fighting on frontlines and to the armed groups that work by the law of jungle and warlords’ moods.

Libyans will remain at the mercy of the war that is still ongoing and is impacting political, social and economic conditions of life.


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