GNA forces using Chadian mercenaries for battle on Tripoli frontlines

Fighting frontlines in southern Tripoli have been witnessing heavy clashes since April 04, 2019 between Libyan National Army forces and armed groups in Wadi Al-Rabea, Ain Zara and Khalit Al-Furjan with relative advance for the armed groups on Al-Nahir frontline.

The clashes continued also on other frontlines on the southwestern side of Tripoli, especially in Al-Sabea area where armed groups advanced for some time before they had retreated to their previous positions starting from Kifah School and ending in the center of Al-Aziziya, where massive Chadian groups’ presence was documented.

Sources from Tripoli Operations Room said the Chadian groups were recruited for the fighting by the commander of western military zone Osama Juwaili, who showed enmity to the Libyan National Army’s General Command and, according to sources speaking to 218TV, rejected mediation by elders from Zintan to stay away from the ongoing conflict.

On the Tripoli Airport frontline, heavy clashes took place on Friday in Al-Ramla area as fighting for control between LNA and armed groups from Misrata and Al-Zawiya as the LNA’s Air Force doubled up strikes on the armed groups on the ground to limit their movements.

On the Ahyaa Al-Bariya frontline, violent clashes were reported between armed groups under the command of Salah Badi – who is sanctioned by the UN Security Council – and 73 Infantry Brigade which foiled an attack by the armed groups in the frontline that is very close to the center of Tripoli since the beigade reached before the fringes of Forousiya Bridge; some kilometers from Tripoli’s downtown – Abu Salim neighborhood.

The multiple attacks by the armed groups, which said that they were part of the second phase if the battle, did not bring about any results as the LNA forces are still positioned in their locations on all frontlines and are on control of entire districts on the outskirts of Tripoli and inside Wershefana.

The Chadian armed groups’ presence has been the talk of many observers and the residents of Al-Aziziya have started to notice checkpoints for Chadian Tubu tribespeople, which proves the reports received by 218TV from sources close to Tripoli Operations Room and fighters from LNA.

The commander of the western military zone Osama Juwaili enlisted the help of fighters from Al-Mahameed and Tubu for the Tripoli fighting, given the division in Zintan and its armed brigades, hence; Juwaili used their help to raise the number of his ground fighters.

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