Displacement crisis could turn to humanitarian disaster in Libya

Displacement in Libya has been increasing with the ongoing fighting; an issue that the UNSMIL wants to use it to send a message to the world and the warring parties that displacement has become a very devastating crisis that is always fueled by fighting across the country.

All solutions that have been put in place with the aim to decrease the number of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Libya have not be vital so far.

UN reports say that the people affected by the war in Libya are now enduring dire conditions as some have been displaced and others forced out of their houses, while a number of Libyans are now homeless after the fighting has destructed their properties.

Recent fighting in Tripoli and Murzuq made IDPs’ numbers soar as they continued to increase with the intensified fighting, which has not seen an end yet.

Murzuq, which was declared a distressed town by the House of Representatives, is still awaiting a solution for the displaced people with hopes that southern municipalities and locals can assist them in the meantime.


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