Illegal immigrants’ bodies wash ashore Al-Khoms beaches

Al-Khoms Radio has posted on its Facebook page photos for illegal immigrants who have been washed ashore the city’s beach after their boat has capsized.

The Radio warned in the post that there were still tens of bodies of illegal immigrants floating on water and could end up also washing ashore Al-Khoms beaches amid lack of action by the concerned authorities.

“The bodies of illegal immigrants are being abandoned on the sands and between the rocks without any viable legal, or even local actions that can respect the sanctity of the dead, except of course some volunteering acts.” The Radio added.

Al-Khoms Radio called on local authorities to speed up recovering the dead bodies that have been for days on the beaches before they get decomposed and spread contamination and diseases.

“There are over 80 bodies of illegal immigrants who are missing at sea.” The Radio explained.


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