Benghazi to host second International Food Tasting Festival

Benghazi is preparing to launch the second International Food Tasting Festival on September 17-18-19 amid participations from different local and Arab cities.

The chairperson of the festival Mai Mohammed Bushanaf told Sputnik that the continuation of the festival reflects the real conditions of Benghazi that is safe and secure after the Libyan National Army has seized control over the whole city and ended the presence of terrorist groups.

Bushanaf said the second edition of the festival will see prominent Arab chefs, such as Egyptian chef Sharbini, participating in the events, besides the number of local chefs who will all provide Libyan and oriental cuisines.

“Foreign firms, one from the US, a Turkish and an Indian restaurants, as well as Libyan ones will participate in the events of the festival.” Bushanaf added.

She said that there will be special area for the children with toys and contests for fun, let alone the various activities to be held at the festival in Benghazi.


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