Libya’s oil revenue hits 20 billion dinars so far in 2019

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) said the country’s oil revenue of the first eight months of 2019 hit 20.2 billion Libyan dinars.

The CBL published the data on its Facebook page on Monday, showing that the expenditure had amounted to 24.9 billion dinars in the same period.

It also said that taxes’ income reached 571 million dinars, customs’ tariffs 204 million dinars, profits at the bank 125 million dinars and the revenue from fees on dollar purchase transactions hit 14.9 billion dinars.

The CBL indicated that salary payment expenditure amounted to 13.8 billion dinars in the last eight months, while development expenditure reached 1.5 billion dinars, and subsidies’ expenses reached 4.9 billion dinars, saying the total expenditure figure amounted to 24.9 billion dinars.


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