LNA unveils storage locations of arms and Turkish drones

Military sources from the Libyan National Army (LNA) revealed that surveillance units had depicted the locations from which Turkish drones take off in Al-Zawiya city, which is a location for stocking ammunition and flying drones.

According to the LNA sources, the Turkish drones are based in Al-Zawiya Oil Refinery and from there, they are launched to carry out airstrikes on LNA military positions, adding that the Oil Refinery also hosts a military operations room that works at night.

Al-Ain news website cited the LNA sources as saying that the Government of National Accord’s armed groups had set up antennas and drone launching devices on the roof of a bank opposite to Al-Zawiya Square, explaining that LNA fighters managed to remove those antennas and devices.

The sources also said that GNA armed groups in Al-Zawiya had stocked armored vehicles and heavy weapons in Abu Serrah area and that LNA forces depicted the storage locations precisely to discover that they were deliberately stocked in residential areas among civilians.

LNA special units also managed to identify some of the fighters of the GNA armed groups in Al-Zawiya city and said they are part of Backup Force headed by extremist Abu Abaida Al-Zawi.


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