Seven years after US ambassador’s killing, Libya is still fighting terrorism

Today marks the seventh year since the death of the former US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, along with three US consulate personnel in a protest in front of the Benghazi consulate in 2012.

The protest came after the making of a film that disrespects Prophet Mohammed in a peaceful manner, but later some terrorist infiltrators used the protest to attack the consulate and fired rockets as other protesters burnt the US flag and set the building of the consulate ablaze.

Afterwards, armed clashes ensued between the national security force and armed militants from Ansar Al-Sharia Bridge, which later got branded as terrorist,.

The terrorists at the time were afraid of nothing and one of them told Benghazi-based Cyrenaica Newspaper that they were fighting security forces and that they as well as all Muslims condemn the film that is disrespecting Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He added that such a behavior by the west should be met with the killing of ambassadors; an act that is prohibited by all religions and human values.

The General National Congress (GNC) condemned at the time the act and said it was criminal (not terrorist) and Hilary Clinton – the Barak Obama Secretary of State – was also in line with such a description of the act as she and Obama were in favor of “a moderate political Islamist groups” to be in power in Libya and other Arab Spring countries.

Libya and the whole region are still suffering from the mishandling of the west of the Arab Spring revolutions up until today.


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