Tunisian presidential candidates debate their Libya visions

Opinions and views of the Tunisian presidential candidates have varied over the last three debates held in the last three days and aired by 218TV live.

26 candidates race in a presidential marathon that will see one of them make it to Carthage Palace amid the early general elections after the ex-president Beji Caid Essebsi had passed away.

Each candidate faced the other in on-air debates trying to convince voters of their political views and upcoming projects.

The debates included the crisis in Libya and candidates provided their visions to end the conflict in the country.

The current Prime Minister and Presidential candidate Youssef Chahed said if elected, he would place Libya on his priorities’ list, saying Tunisia ought to change its negative neutral position to a positive one.

Abdelfattah Mourou, who is affiliated with Islamist political groups, has criticized the fact that Libyan parties looked for solutions in Europe while Tunisia could have played a more effective role in mediating for dialogue among Libyan parties, adding that Tunisia isn’t looking for it’s own profits in Libya, forgetting that one of the warring parties in Libya rejects any negotiations with Islamist political groups.

The candidate of the democratic party, Mohammed Abdo, said the stability of Libya is very pivotal for Tunisia as many Tunisians work in Libya and as the two countries have in between them several joint projects, hence; providing a very down-to-earth vision for bilateral relations between Tunisia and Libya.

These views remain elections’ vows that can either be materialized after election or ignored to remain a media propaganda.


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