Al-Mahjoub: LNA airstrikes hit armed groups’ positions around Sirte

Brigadier General Khalid Al-Mahjoub, the Head of Moral Motivation at the Libyan National Army (LNA) said the Air Force had carried out several airstrikes on armed groups’ positions around Sirte.

Al-Mahjoub told Al-Ain News that uneasy calm had descended on most frontlines in line with airstrikes on positions of terrorist groups.

He also denied rumors spread by Government of National Accord’s armed groups about the intention of Tarhouna to attack Souq Al-Jumua district in Tripoli.

Al-Mahjoub also touched upon the death of Colonel Abdelwahhab Al-Magri; the commander of 9th Brigade and his comrades, saying their death is another episode in the series of sacrifices of the LNA forces for the greater good of Libya.


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