New regulations to take effect on Libya-Tunisia Ras Ajdair border

Libya-Tunisia border is seeing a new phase of organizational measures as well as cooperation between the two countries as the Libyan Customs Department and Tunisian Douane agreed on several decisions in a meeting in the last few days.

The Head of media office at the Customs Department Fahmi Al-Magawri told 218News about the list of possible cooperation methods between the Libyan and Tunisian authorities on both sides of the border.

Al-Magawri said Libya’s Customs Department proposed to the Tunisian side extending the entry of Libyan vehicles to a year instead of three months with the stamps for renewal being done in different centers inside Tunisia so that the obligation of vehicles being returned to Ras Ajdair border for renwral can be scrapped.

The department also proposed a new scanner device at the border to facilitate the crossing of travellers into Tunisia, besides opening new passports check offices on the Tunisian side of the border.

The proposals included replacing the stamp for car entries from being put on passports to becoming receipts so Libyans can make use of their passports’ papers properly. Also, Libayn Customs Department proposed allowing foreign commodities to enter Libya via Tunisian borders.

They also agreed on information exchange and intelligence on drugs smuggling between Libya and Tunisia, as the spokesman for the Customs Department told 218News that a meeting will he held in Tunisia on September 26-28 for approving some of the proposals or all of them.


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