Tunisians move to elect their new president

Tunisia has opened polling centers today for voters in the quest to elect a new president for the country as part of the early elections in the wake of the death of ex-president Beji Caid Essebsi.

24 candidates are going to be competing for the votes of Tunisians on Sunday after two candidates have pulled out: Amal Tunis Movement’s Head Salim El-Rayahi and Mashroa Tunis Movement’s Head Mohsen Marzouq.

Tunisians will keep casting their ballots until 18.00 on Sudany at 13445 polling offices and 4567 polling centers with 3000 supervisors.

2002 supervisors are tasked to monitor the polling process and report the statistics via SMS texts while 998 others are tasked with moving around the polling centers and offices to scout for violations.

The Interior Ministry of Tunisian despatched 70000 security personnel to secure the elections and voting process.

The Interior Ministry said 50000 of the personnel were tasked with securing all polling offices and centers as well as the candidates.


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