LNA military operations reach Sirte in central Libya

As part of expanding the frontlines of the clashes between the Libyan National Army and the armed groups of Government of National Accord, new airstrikes targeted Monday Sirte in central Libya.

Sirte Protection Force said the LNA had struck several of its positions, leaving two people killed and 18 others injured.

This development comes days after the GNA Air Force tried to hit the airbase in Al-Jufra, which was met with LNA response by targeting Misrata Air College and downing three drones, let alone destroying control rooms operating GNA drones.

Over the last days, LNA said it had targeted military vehicles for the GNA in Sirte, destroying 15 of them, after they tried to infiltrate into the city.

Meanwhile, Al-Urban town in northern Gharyan has been also seeing military skirmishes between LNA and GNA, while clashes are still ongoing in most southern Tripoli frontlines.


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