Al-Kabeer orders importing 100 million euros from Turkey to Libya

A newly leaked document stamped by the Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli the signature of Governor Al-Sediq Al-Kabeer showed bringing 100 million euros from Ziraat Bank of Turkey.

The letter that was posted by the head of liquidity at the Central Bank headquarters in Al-Bayda Ramzi Al-Agha showed that it was from August 04, 2019, after the fighting between armed groups and Libyan National Army started on the outskirts of Tripoli.

Al-Kabeer appointed 4 people to be responsible for importing the euros from Turkey. It is unclear if the Central Bank received the 100 million euros or not.

No official statement was made by the concerned authorities to clarify the leaked document until now.

This importing of foreign currency comes after years of statements by Al-Kabeer saying Libya is undergoing a UN embargo in that regard amid calls all the time by Libyans on the Central Bank to solve the lack of cash crisis that is still ongoing across Libya.

This is not the first time leaked documents get posted by Al-Agha as he talked weeks ago about transferring 100 million dollars to the Central Bank headquarters in Misrata.

Al-Agha said on his Facebook page that the importing foreign currency aims at empowering armed groups of the Presidential Council and enabling them to buy weapons and ammunition, which could plunge Libya into more financial corruption crises.


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