Reports of a delay in Berlin international conference on Libya for “reconsiderations”

Reports, unverified by 218News, have hinted at a delay in holding Berlin international conference on Libya that is slated for next November to the second half of next December due to the advances made by the Libyan National Army on the outskirts of Tripoli and the inflexibility of the Muslim Brotherhood Group that is controlling Presidential Council toward having a dialogue with the General Commander of LNA, Feild Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

If true, the situation in Libya will go through huge reconsiderations by internal and external parties to cope with the change of dynamics on the ground since the idea for the conference came a five months after the operations started in Tripoli.

Germany is keen on coming up with positive results from the conference and that was clear in the preliminary meetings held in Berlin which is exerting efforts not to fall for the same mistakes made in Paris, Palermo.

Questions are now raised about whether or not Berlin conference would have sucees for Germany that has been outside the conflict circle since 2011. This could be a merit for Germany that can make it an acceptable mediator for all parties in and out of Libya.


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