Leishmaniasis breaks out in Libya’s Tawergha

New Leishmaniasis outbreaks in different Libyan districts have been depicted, especially in Tawergha where doctors have raised the alarm and sent a distress call to all concerned authorities.

Tawergha Public Hospital sent a distress call for all medics in different areas to come to the help of the people who are suffering from the outbreak of Leishmaniasis.

The media office of Tawergha Hospital said that about 150 new Leishmaniasis cases have been registered on Friday alone.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Local Council of Tawergha, Abdelrahman Al-Shakshak, also caught this disease and posted a photo on social media showing his symptoms.

Despite all calls by the health organizations about the negligence of the government toward this disease, no action has been taken to prevent it from resurfacing amid the piling up of garbage on all streets.


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