Libyan champion boxer Malik Zinad promises victory in the UK

The Libyan world champion; the golden fist, Malik Zinad will feature in a new WPF series of boxing games.

Malik Zinad finished training in London after he recovered from injury in order to take on the Slovak Michele Gazdik who had games against 12 boxers before his game with Zinad.

Zinad is very famous for his quick knockouts as he won 14 games out of 15 by knockouts.

Zinad has promised Libyan fans that he will win the upcoming game with a knockout, telling 218News that he is ready for the next challenge as he has been training for a good amount of time by a professional British coach and that moving to live in the UK is a very significant step in his professional career.

Zinad lately won against the Colombian boxer John Courtis with a knockout. This time, Libyans will be awaiting the big game for Zinad against England’s champion at the largest boxing arena “O2 Arena”.

Zinad’s career has been very impressive as he managed to knock out all his previous 14 opponents and his name became famous in Europe.

The Libyan champion will continue his successful path in the UK arenas after winning in Germany and Malta’s ones amid wishes by all Libayns for him to be always victorious.


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