Syrian Army confronts Turkish Army along the border

A new agreement has redistributed the military control areas in Northeastern Syria. This agreement has been signed and announced Sunday by the Kurdish Autonomous Administration with the Syrian Army.

The agreement says Syrian Army units can now position themselves along the borders with Turkey as well as in villages controlled by the Kurds, including Manbij and Ain Al-Arab to help repel the attacks by Turkish Army forces as well as to help liberate the territory, which the Turks and mercenaries “Syrian rebel forces” entered.

The agreement also aims at liberating areas previously occupied by Turkey as well as Syrian rebels backing the Turks, such as Afrin.

After the surprise announcement by the US President Donald Trump to pull out troops from Syria, the Defense Secretary Mark Esper said they are willing to withdraw 1000 soldiers from North Syria, hinting at a possible expansion of attacks by Turkey to south and west Syria.

France has also announced pulling out its troops from the International Coalition’s forces in that area as well as some relief workers after the pullout of American troops.

The Syrian Army’s deployment on the Turkish borders speaks of a possible multi-party confrontation, especially after Turkey said that it would fight Syrian Army troops if they entered Northeastern Syria.


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