US ambassador denounces “tragic” Fernaj incident in Tripoli

The US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, said he was sickened by the reports saying three girls were killed by an airstrike on Fernaj neighborhood in Tripoli.

The ambassador added that this tragic incident unites all parties in calling for an immediate end of fighting and start of political process that leads to a lasting peace in Libya.

Three young girls were killed and two others were injured in an airstrike that hit a house in Fernaj neighborhood in Tripoli.

The Health Ministry of the Government of National Accord said an injured girl had her leg amputated and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in one of the hospitals, in addition to the injury of a woman who is still in serious condition.

Meanwhile, the UNSMIL condemned in the strongest terms the airstrike on Fernaj, saying it won’t sit idly by without taking actions.

UNSMIL called for an immediate halt of random attacks, saying this “blatant attack” comes few days after an attack on the Equestrian Club in Janzour, Tripoli.


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