Al-Sarraj sends message to Haftar, speaks about “Russian mercenaries”

The Head of Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj has denied that there are mercenaries fighting alongside his armed groups, saying: “We didn’t use mercenaries. We defend ourselves by our youths and regular army units.”

Speaking in an interview with France 24 Channel, Al-Sarraj said his forces detained mercenaries from African countries fighting alongside Libyan National Army (LNA) and found belongings of Russian mercenaries, adding that the LNA has been using mercenaries’ help since the start of the war in Tripoli.

“We trust the wisdom of Russian government and that as a great country, it can play a positive role I’m supporting stability in Libya.” Al-Sarraj said.

Al-Sarraj said his armed groups are making victories in line with the political efforts of the Foreign Ministry of the GNA that is continously condemning the war in Tripoli, saying the Presidential Council is open to talk to all parties and has no desperation whatsoever.

Al-Sarraj said, referring to the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar: “Stop crimes and shelling Libyans with warplanes. This won’t bring you any results. Libyans and history will hold you to account.

He called on the international community and UN to take a firm stance against Field Marshal Haftar and his actions against GNA by documenting the crimes done in Tripoli to send them to local and international relative organizations.

Al-Sarraj said the international community is divided regarding the Libyan crisis and support of Libyan parties, saying there is only political solutions for the Libyan conflict.

Al-Sarraj hailed Germany’s efforts to hold an international conference on Libya, reiterating that the political process won’t be the same as before April 04, hoping that Berlin conference would be a success that ends Libya’s crisis.


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