Turkey has a plan to send thousands of terrorists to Libya, analyst says

Terrorist groups’ affairs analyst Ahmed Ata has warned that more that 5000 terrorists from 12 militant organizations are being transported from Syria to Libya under the supervision of Turkish intelligence.

The analyst said the Turkish intelligence was tasked with transporting ISIS militants to Libya through three stages to northern Somalia under the supervision of Abdulkader Moamen – ISIS leader in Somalia. Later, every 300 ISIS terrorists would be transported to southern Libyan borders.

Ata told Live Program on 218News on Wednesday that the plan is to send the ISIS terrorists to southern Libya in three phases via northern Somalia whose ISIS leader Moamen has been tasked with the mission that will start early next year.

He added that Turkey is trying to support the Government of National Accord in Libya in its war against Libyan National Army forces by sending terrorists, who were fighting in Syria and fled due to the current war in Northeastern Syria.

Ata cited “exclusive sources” as saying that Turkey is going to provide GNA with weapons and military equipment – including Bayraktar drones to be transported to Bulgarian port then to Misrata port by an Iranian firm – in mid-November.


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