UK renwes Libya travel warning to its citizens

The United Kingdom’s Foreign Office has renewed warning for its citizens against traveling to Libya, calling on those who are still in Libya to immediately leave due to deterioration of security in the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, the British Foreign Office said there are no consular services in Libya for British citizens as they are still suspended.

The statement says terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Libya, adding that there remains a high threat throughout the country of terrorist attacks and kidnap against foreigners, including from Daesh-affiliated extremists and Al Qaida, as well as armed militias.

“Daesh and Al Qaeda have attacked a number of oil and gas installations and killed or kidnapped workers, including foreign nationals.” It explained.

It said fighting in Libya has periodically caused the temporary suspension or closure of airports, closed roads and led to the closure of some border crossings, adding that all Libyan airports are vulnerable to attack.


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