Sudan feels the economic impact of shutting border with Libya

AllAfrica website has published a report about the economic and security impact in Sundan after shutting down border crossing with Libya.

Sudanese traders who used to transport goods through the border with Libya have spoken about a land transportation problem that undermined their work and made goods’ prices rocket.

Others said the closure of the border with Libya was an inevitable procedure for Sudan due to the deterioration of security in Libya and the threats made to Sudanese youths, who wish to flee poverty and conflicts, by the gangs based in Libya.

Saudanes traders also said that the shutdown of the border with Libya is positive for the illegal immigration issue as it would save Sudanese youths from taking the risky sea route to Europe, expressing hope that the Sudanese government would handle the missing persons’ case in Libya.

Observers believe that the Libyan-Sudanese border poses security risks to the region, including arms smuggling and movement of armed groups in a very vast area used for illegal immigration on a route connecting eastern and central Africa with the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.


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