US Congress bill calls for clarification of America’s policy toward Libya

US Congressman, Ted Deutch, has submitted a bill to the Congress to clarify the American Administration’s policy toward Libya. The bill has been approved by the US Congress.

The Democrat Congressman called in the bill for clarification of the US policy and its efforts to reach stability in Libya amid the ongoing armed conflict in the country.

The bill was then resubmitted to the Foreign Affairs Committee, Judiciary Committee and Financial Committee.

Ted Deutch has been previously connected to the American lobbying firm Mercury that was contracted by the Presidential Council in the last six months. He chaired a session on July 15 and tried to reach a statement that condemns the military operations of the Libyan National Army.

Al-Minitor published a report previously saying that the Government of National Accord had contracted Mercury lobbying firm and Trump administration for two million dollars to be paid on four installments; half a million every three months.

The lobbying deal was struck days after the phone call between the General Commander of LNA Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and US President Donald Trump, who backed up the military operations of LNA in Tripoli.


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