Libya: What’s left to commemorate Muammar Gaddafi for?

Today, October 20, is a yearly commemoration of the date of death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi as the denial of his staunch henchmen and loyalists fades away year in and year out now that eight years have passed since 2011.

The repeated slogans on the day of Gaddafi’s death are all “fake nostalgia” as his loyalist know for sure that there’s no place for him in the current political impasse.

Gaddafi’s legacy is still present in Libya as the Libyan people remember, amid their current political divisions and different crises, his role in terrible infrastructure and services in the country such as health, education and others.

His memory amis always haunting all Libyans whenever they enter hospitals that are about to collapse and receive terrible healthcare, which pushes them to travel to Tunisia and other countries for better medical treatment, knowing that an oil-rich country as Libya should have the best healthcare system in the region that can even attack “medical tourism” from other countries.

Gaddafi also comes to life whenever hate speech surfaces in Libya as he was the one who planted it over the 40 years of his reign in the country by killing, hanging, forcefully holding and eliminating a variety of Libyans to frighten the rest of the country. Not to mention, Gaddafi’s strongest legacy of letting loose arms depots in his last days in power in Libya, asking Libyans to turn their country into “fire.”


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