Is it easy doing business in Libya?

World Bank has issued its Doing Business Index 2020 with Libya retreating one rank compared to 2019 as it came 20 on the Arab world and 186 worldwide.

Libya came in the category of Upper Middle Income countries with GNI Per Capita of 6.330 US dollars.

The criteria of 190 economies’ evaluation include starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing Contracts, and resolving insolvency. It also has a criterion of organizing business markets, but it was not included in this index.

Libya: Starting a Business164; Dealing with Construction Permits186; Getting Electricity142; Registering Property187; Getting Credit186; Protecting Minority Investors183; Paying Taxes130; Trading across Borders129; Enforcing Contracts145; and Resolving Insolvency 168.

In the Arab world, the UAE came number one while Bahrain came second and Morocco third.

Top ten Arab countries: 1- UAE (16 worldwide) 2- Bahrain (43 worldwide) 3- Morocco (53 worldwide) 4- Saudi Arabia (62 worldwide) 5- Oman (68 worldwide)
6- Jordan (75 worldwide) 7- Qatar (77 worldwide) 8- Tunisia (78 worldwide) 9- Kuwait (83 worldwide) 10- Egypt (114 worldwide).

Meanwhile, New Zealand came number one worldwide followed by Singapore and Hong Kong.

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