Turkey ponders demarcation of territorial waters with Libya

Turkey has revisited the issue of international waters dispute in an attempt to have a bigger economic leverage and thus it is now looking for Libya’s singing on an agreement for demarcation lines for its sea economic territory.

International law says every coastal country can seize control of parts of the sea or ocean they are situated on with 12 nautical miles of distance off the shores with freedom of movement for international vessels without any harm done to the counties. There are also international waters that are under no country’s control.

In 1982, the UN approved an international agreement that became an international law in 1994. Libya controls vast sea territory of the international waters; more than other countries.

This is what Turkey is after, according to Yeni Şafak newspaper, as it reported Turkish Navy Admiral, Cihat Yaycı, sa urging for demarcation of sea waters with Libya and Lebanon, saying Turkey has the right to do so as it will boost the reach of Turkish economic area to become 189.000 cubic meters, this putting an end to the attempts of Greece and Cyprus to have their grip on gas.

Yaycı also said that Libya’s stability would help implement the agreement and that Turkey is looking for this agreement in order to deny Egypt, Greece and Cyprus any leverage over supplies, adding that Greece tried before to sign a demarcation agreement with Libya and that Turkey needs to sign this agreement with Libya before any other countries.

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