Russia discloses amount of banknotes sent to Libyan Central Bank in Al-Bayda

Russian costume data obtained by Reuters shows nearly 4.5 billion Libyan dinars ($3.22 billion) were dispatched in four shipments from February to June to Al-Bayda-based Central Bank of Libya.
A report published by Reuters on Tuesday, three batches of 20- and 50-dinar banknotes for the eastern central bank, each with a total value of around 1 billion dinars, cleared Russian customs in February, March and June this year. A fourth batch, consisting of 50 dinar banknotes totalling 1.45 billion dinars, left in late June.
It added that the Ali Al-Hibri-chaired Central Bank in Al-Bayda received sums that cleared customs in 2017, 2018, and 2019 of 4 billion, 2.377 billion and 4.428 billion dinars respectively, amounting to a total of 10.805 billion dinars.
Meanwhile, a source from the Central Bank of Libya in Al-Bayda told 218News earlier that Russia-printed banknotes amounted to 11 billion dinars since 2016, without revealing the amount of shipments.
The Head of Liquidity Department at the Central Bank Ramzi Al-Agha denied early October to 218News that the Central Bank printed 3 billion dinars in Russia or any other country in last September, adding that the Central Bank has open contracts with a Russian banknotes printing company, which he said was a normal thing. He added that there was no preparation for printing new banknotes.
The UNSMIL said on many occasions that it was working on uniting the central bank administrations in Tripoli and Al-Bayda to ensure the value of the dinar is stabilized and economic issues are resolved.

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