HoR Speaker: Muslim Brotherhood controlled Libyan state institutions

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aquila Saleh said Muslim Brotherhood Group has manipulated power and taken control of the state institutions with support from international parties through a coup against democracy using force after they had been rejected by all Libyans and lost HoR elections.

The HoR Speaker’s remarks came in a meeting on Saturday in Benghazi with politicians, activists, journalists, civil society activists and law professors in the presence of second deputy speaker Ahmid Houma and several lawmakers.

The HoR said in a statement that Saleh reiterated the need for using the expertise of politicians and law professors as well as activists to find a way out of the crisis, adding that Libya is being targeted by local and international conspiracies that are taking advantage of Libyans’ desire to topple Gaddafi’s regime, which allowed Muslim Brotherhood Group usurp power.

Saleh referred to the political process work and the convention of HoR despite the conspiracies and the imposing of Skhirat Agreement and its Al-Sarraj government that are backed by international community despite being unconstitutional and being an ally to extremists and militias that are stealing Libyans’ money, which urged the Libyan National Army to make a move the liberate Tripoli as well as all Libyan cities.

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