Youths in Tripoli speak out their pains, saying Facebook turned to “mass graveyard”

Facebook has turned into a mass graveyard; this was the description of Tripoli youths for the dark tunnel in which the city enter in last April with many men, women and children becoming victims, thus deserting their social media pages.

DW published a report on the stories of Tripoli youths recounting the ramification of the war that has been ongoing on the outskirts of Tripoli for seven months, with its impact hitting the city center few times.

One young woman said she can’t stop thinking that she and her family would die once she hears bombing and bullets’ sounds, while one young man talked about immigration as becoming the number one thing the youths are thinking about due to war.

DW added that economic conditions are affecting people’s lives and so are the high prices of services and basic needs, especially after the war in Tripoli, saying they impacted youths’ lives and made them fearful for their unknown futures.


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