Italy warns of Russian intervention in Libya’s conflict

Italian Parliament Members have voiced concern over the involvement of Russian fighters in the ongoing fighting in Libya after a report published by the New York Times said 200 Russian snipers arrived in Libya in the last six months.

Five Sars Party MPs warned of the impact those Russians could have on the conflict in Libya, on national reconciliation efforts and other issues as “it constitutes a concerning turn of events on the ground.”

The New York Times said Tuesday that the Russian snipers are closely linked to the Kremlin and their intervention in Libya is similar to that in Syria, adding that they are from Wagner Group that has ties with the Kremlin and that sent fighters to Syria, according to three Libyan officials and five western diplomats who are following the war closely.

The Italian MPs said they cannot sit idly by anymore to watch international and regional powers intervening in Libya’s conflict that is very strategically important to Italy, Aki reported.


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