Libya’s Interior Minister: 21 million arms’ pieces prove security crisis in the country

The Interior Minister of the Libyan Interim Government, Abdelhadi Al-Huwaij, said Libya’s real crisis is security not politics or economy, adding that there are 21 million pieces of arms in the hands of gunmen and terrorists, some of whom came from outside Libya.

Al-Huwaij said Tripoli battle was inevitable and it is the last war on terrorism and chaos in Libya as the largest terrorist groups are controlling it currently, saying terminating them would be a huge victory for the Libyan National Army in its fight against terrorism.

“We want a stable and strong government that is inclusive and ruled by law, respect for human rights and peace. After the LNA controls the country and security prevails, there will be elections with transparency and integrity for all Libyans.” He explained.

The Interior Minister indicated that the target of the LNA operations isn’t imposing a government on Libyans, rather paving the way for agreement among all Libyans on the personalities to be in power and to start dialogue to establish peace in the country.


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