Al-Mahjoub reveals vital advances by LNA forces on Tripoli frontlines

The Head of the Moral Motivation Authority of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalid Al-Mahjoub has disclosed that the LNA forces are advancing on fighting frontlines in Tripoli, confirming LNA’s grip on Khallatat frontline and said “LNA is approaching Abu Salim neighborhood”.

Al-Mahjoub told Al-Ain News that LNA forces’ imminent control of Abu Salim is going to be a very vital advance for the LNA forces as there’s one of the largest prisons in Libya in that neighborhood, referring to notorious Abu Salim Prison.

Talking about the LNA tactics, Al-Mahjoub said that the LNA forces are now working on encircling the capital to link all frontlines where the LNA units are positioned to weaken any resistance by the armed groups.

He added that there is a direct coordination between the General Command of the LNA and the residents of Abu Salim so they will revolt against the armed groups once the LNA forces enter their neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the Abu Salim Deterrence and Joint Response Force denied any advance of the two parties, saying Khallatat and Ahyaa Bariya frontlines have been seeing sporadic clashes only over the last period of time.


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