Al-Mishri: Libya’s GNA is buying arms from “friend countries”

The Head of the High Council of State (HCS) Khalid Al-Mishri has confirmed that the Government of National Accord is buying weapons from friend countries and that Turkey and Qatar are providing them with political and moral support only.

Speaking to “Hakaek Online” website, Al-Mishri said there are 23 pieces of arms in Libya at the hands of the warring parties, explaining that every Libyan citizen has 3 pieces of arms, including tanks.

He also talked about the Berlin conference on Libya that is scheduled for next December, saying Libyan parties won’t be invited as only the countries intervening in Libya will be represented in the conference.

Al-Mishri indicated that it’s difficult for any party or country to oblige the General Commander of the Libyan National Army Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar to commit to the results of Berlin conference, which won’t be an exception in this regard, he added.

He indicated that the GNA insists that Algeria and Tunisia take part in Berlin conference on Libya after news said they won’t be invited.


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